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Our society was formed in June 1983 by a small group of people interested in the study and cultivation of Bromeliads.

Our aims are to promote fellowship among all people interested in bromeliad culture and in horticulture generally. Also to promote further knowledge and advancement in growing bromeliads.

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am trying to source some Chilean bromeliads, and would like to enquire if any of your members grows them and is willing to sell. The ones I am particularly interested in are:
    – Puya Alpestris
    – Puya Berteromana
    – Fascicularia
    – Puya Raimondu
    – Tillandsia Strepto Phyllia
    Bromeliads grow successfully in our garden on the Hawkesbury river, and it would appear that Chilean bromeliads would also do well in the dry parts of the garden. Look forward to hearing from you or one of your members. Regards Christina

  2. I was recently given a Bromeliad clipping from NSW and have a few photos that i can email.

    i was wondering if anyone in the society maybe able to help me identify the Bromeliad if the society has an email address. Any tips for looking after it would be really appreciated as well.



  3. I am a professional photographer specializing in nature photography and have photographed a number of bromeliads and other tropical plants that I cannot I.D. Most are are in Panama and Costa Rica, but are generally from gardens there without identification. Is there someone in your society who might be interested in helping me I.D. the plants in my photos?

    I have found images similar to some of my images on-line, but sometimes there are images of two different species, either of which appear to be the same as the one in my photo. For me, it would be a lucky guess if I got it right. I do not want to mis-identify the species in my photos since these will be available for publication purposes through my stock photo agencies. There is already more than enough mis-information available on the internet without my contributing more.

    Is there some way to get these properly identified? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Jon Fuller
    Jon Fuller Photography / NaturePhoto, LLC

  4. Hello, I am trying to find and purchase an Aechmea called Delmar Blue or Blue Tango. Have had no luck so far.

  5. This is not about flora……….

    As I am curious to know if this Christina Juchniewicz
    was in Burma in 1982 with Jo……L

    We met at the Stand Hotel Rangoon and travelled together to Mamyo / Pagan/ Pegu…………

  6. Hi, I live in Gosford on the Central Coast. I was told there was a Bromeliad Society in Wyoming, the next suburb north of Gosford. I can’t seem to find any information on it. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks for the information on your website.
    Terrie Lynn.

  7. Love Broms – have a garden full in the Blue Mountains. …would like to keep in touch, particularly we local events.

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